Reversible Safety Earings

Fashion trends keep wavering, always with new styles coming up and dominating market trends.  We too remain competitive by  initiating this creative new concept of reversible earings.  We can now get two completely different looks with the same earing!  


Our Earring Stoppers could be reversible. The earring stopper can actually be part of the fashion. The invention of Pearl stopper is able to carry out the glitter of a beauty and allow you to shine on every occasion. Styles can be changed anytime, anywhere easily. Our invention goes well with the dynamic lifestyle to save your time.


The stoppers secure pierced earrings and our earring stoppers are much stable than the normal stopper. The earrings would not be slipping off easily. You are able to keep your favorite earrings safer than ever.


As the round pearl stoppers wrap the posts of the earrings, you can talk on the phone freely and sleep well. The earlobe will not get injured. Hair will not be messed. Threads of outfit will not be caught for getting changed.


Pearl earring stoppers are only the first step of the trend of Ear Back Earring. There are a lot of other materials tried to substitute the Pearl. This is going to be the new generation of earring stoppers. It is time to be extraordinary!



Besides the Fresh Water Pearl, we also apply this concept to different semi-precious stones like Quartz, Turquoize, Green Agate, Red Agate, Amethyst and Onyx. We also make different shape of the stoppers such as round, button, egg etc. For more details, you may send us a message - Click here!