Dancing Stone®

The "Dancing Stone' has differentiated itself from any kind of ordinary jewelry because of its unique mechanism.  Launched in the month of March 2011, and more popularly known as the "Twinkle Setting," this piece of jewelry works on setting the center piece stone on an incessantly moving swing.  We have been granted a patent for our exclusive technology in Japan in the year of 2013, and are still awaiting patents in places like the USA, Europe, India, China etc.

Our jewelry appeals to all of our consumers around the world because of the twinkling effect it gives off; much like a shining bright star at night.  We present our innovation through our vast jewelry collection where we hold more than 100 individual styles. 

  • No Laser Hole
  • Dances with You
  • Various Different Stones are possible

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Main Business Approaches

  1. Selling Finished Goods
  2. Setting Stones Provided by Customers on Our Mounting
  3. Authorizing License to Selected Customers to Manufacture the Dancing Stone in their own Factories

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