Crossfor New York

This collection is named as Crossfor New York since New York City is one of the most prosperous cities in the world. NYC also leads the world fashion trend. The items are inspired by Central Park, Times Square, Broadway and The Fifth Avenue, the landmarks in NYC. No matter daily dressing or special events, there must be one item fitting your mood.  

We continuously create different designs, over 80 designs of Pendants and Earrings. At this Site, you may go to our online shop and we selected few kinds of elite items for you. 

Crossfor New York is mainly using Crossfor Cut CZ (Cubic Zirconia). The Crossfor Cut is a brilliant cut developed independently by Crossfor. With an outline that combines a four-facet design with an arc shape, the Crossfor Cut boasts 46 facets. The intricate reflection of light gives the Crossfor Cut a magnificent cross effect that previous 58-facet brilliant cut stones could not manage. Patented in Japan and the UK, and its design patented in twelve countries including the USA and parts of Europe. Offering a different form and shine at each angle of view, the Crossfor Cut is a true fashion delight that has given rise to innumerable unique items of jewellery and accessories.

2015-2016 Crossfor New York Image Girl - Ms. Suzanne

History of Crossfor New York Image Girl (2002~2015)