About Crossfor HK Limited

Crossfor HK Limited was founded in 2007 and is a subsidiary office of Crossfor Co., Ltd.  Its prime focus is to boost and manage the operations of the overseas sales affairs. Nevertheless it aims to establish Crossfor as a global brand by providing the finest quality jewelry; to continually innovate and create new designs through our expertise, and to remain competitive in dynamic market fashion and trends.  


In March 2011, Crossfor developed a unique setting called TWINKLE Setting®. This setting differentiates itself from any kind of ordinary  jewelry since the  center stone is placed in a way in which it imitates the movement of a swing.  This unique setting can be applied to all jewelry and has developed the name, "Dancing Stone."   In the month of December 2013, we were granted a patent in Japan as the sole creator of the "Dancing Stone."   

Our business model offers several different types of approaches for our customers to work with.  

  • Sales of finished goods
  • Setting stones provided by customers on our mounting
  • Authorizing a License to selected customers to manufacture and sell "Dancing Stone" jewelry in their own factories and outlets.